The Kilo by SummitShaker - Shaker Bottle

The Kilo by SummitShaker is the first shaker bottle of its kind. It's made from BPA-free food grade silicone and has a capacity of 16oz when fully expanded. When not in use it collapses down to a height of 2.5 inches for easy storage whether at home or on the go.

The Kilo represents the next era of supplement shakers, taking all the things you love about the average shaker, but collapsing it down to the smallest, most portable version yet.


BPA Free Food Grade Silicone: Unlike plastics, especially those that are BPA free, silicone is naturally non-porous which means it actually repels odors.

Mixing: All Kilo shakers ship with a wire ball agitator for the best mix possible.

Pull Tab: Our patent pending pull-tab is built into the silicone mold and provides a convenient grip making expansion effortless.

Rounded Design: Most silicone products collapse with the use of an accordion-style fold that is ugly, flimsy, and results in most products being top heavy. The Kilo's rounded design provides for a more natural feel, is more sturdy, and results in a cup that isn't top heavy.

Durability: The Kilo is made from a premium silicone that is thicker/stiffer than your normal silicone products. This provides for a more durable cup that still allows for easy expanding/collapsing. 

Full Size Capacity: The Kilo has a capacity of 16oz when fully expanded - which is more than enough to mix any protein/supplement drink of your choice. The Kilo includes fluid oz markings on the inside of the cup for easy measuring.